Fruit Picking in Australia for Backpackers

Fruit Picking in Australia

A site setup for Backpackers and Fruit Pickers who wish to find fruit picking jobs while Fruit Picking in Australia and staying at working backpacker hostels.

Fruit Picking Working Holiday Visa Requirements.

When you do fruit picking in Australia there are certain areas organised by postcode that will help you get a second working holiday visa. This visa offers Backpackers in Australia aged from 18 to 30 the chance to extend their visa. The Visa can be extended for another  twelve months. This is possible if you have completed three months in the first year in an occupation such as fruit picking, in Regional Australia.

You must satisfy a number of requirements for a Second Working Holiday Visa while on your first Working Holiday visa. You will have to provide evidence of this when applying for your second year visa. Once you get your Second Working Holiday visa you do not have to do further work. If you want to work more that is completely up to you. I am going to list all the requirements below.

Fruit picking in Australia is not the most glamorous job and usually its seasonal work. This work can earn you around $125 plus a day for those fun adventures you came to Australia to experience.

When you are not picking fruit there is so much to do.

Australia has 50,000 km of amazing coastline, white sandy beaches which are uncrowded, unspoiled and breathtaking. You can marvel at World Heritage-listed wonders, relax at a beach backpacker retreat or just enjoy fish and chips on the Beach. However you experience our coastline, the crashing waves, the sea breeze, and surfing beaches are all part of a Backpackers lifestyle which you can escape too and won’t want to leave behind. There are so many beaches, but that’s not all, we also have the Great barrier Reef.